January 15, 2004


CNES young researchers' Days (JC2)

Every years, CNES organises the CNES young researchers' Days (JC2).

These Days are the opportunity for young researchers (last year of thesis/first post-doctoral year) to exchange without any formalism with CNES engineers, laboratories and industries' reps, members of the CNES Technical Skills Centres and research grant co-financing partners' reps.

All the meetings with other young researchers and these industrial and institutional actors give the opportunity to forge the first links of a professional network. Learn more on the website of the last JC2.

The JC2 are planned to take place in Toulouse in every year mid-October.

CNES Technical Skills Centers - CCT

Since it was built, CNES developed knowledge, skills, tools and methods in different domains of the space technology. This skill is mainly part of the engineer and technician teams organised in "technical services" based on expertise, test and simulation technological capacities.

In 1998, CNES created Technical Skills Centers (CCTs) in all its facilities in order to maintain this high skill level as well as their development and promotion by bringing together cross-linked experts around the main domains of space sciences and techniques.

Si if you want to participate and/or join the CCTs to expand you field of knowledge and network, visit the CCTs' website.

You want to promote a scientific article ?

You are a scientist ? You benefit from a CNES support ? You wrote an article in a peer-reviewed journal ?  We can promote it on our website.  For that purpose, we invite you to contact us at this address.

Mardis de l'espace in Paris

In a relax atmosphere, it is now possible to listen to experts and personalities of the space world answering current questions and ask a burning question. Do not miss you monthly and convivial event : Mardis de l'espace in Paris.

The CNES Space Observatory

Since 2000 the CNES Space Observatory has been defining and applying the establishment's cultural policy. Its brief is to stimulate discussions on Space by spreading knowledge and representations of the space field through cultural organisations and in particular museums.

Several of them have already informed the Space Observatory that they are interested in enriching their programme of events or enhancing their collections with items relating to space activity, such as instruments, scientific results or historical ans sociological facts. Learn more on the CNES Space Observatory website.

Bernard Grégory Association - Intelli'Agence

CNES have signed a partnership agreement with the Bernard Grégory association-Intelliagence, the mission of which is to improve the training through research in the socioeconomic world (assistance to professional integration of the young doctors/post-PhDs).  Learn more on the association's website.