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  1. United States- Southern Manhattan: Between the Global and the Local- The transformations of a multifunctional urban space.

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    10 Juillet 2019

    Between the Hudson River (to the west) and the East River, the southern tip of Manhattan Island is the historic center of New York City, veritable global city, at the heart of the American megalopolis. As often as it's associated with monotony or nonchalance, it's linked to abundance and luxury--New York is a city of contrasts, which is constantly reinventing itself. Inhabited, occupied, while simultaneously engaged in globalized phenomena (economic competition with other global cities and increasing ecological risks also confront it), this space is situated at the junction of global, metropolitan, and local scales and forces. In this context, the city is adapting and transforming itself in response to these stakes, all the while preserving its unique character.

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